5 May

Make Your Mum’s Mother’s Day!

We all want to make our mums feel special on Mother’s Day. Now, we know all about the deal with candles and breakfast in bed – but we here believe that the humble homemade card needs to be brought back.

There’s no better way to really express just how much you love, appreciate and want to thank your Mum for being the wonderful lady she is. Putting pen to paper is more meaningful and shows you’ve really put the time in.

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23 Apr

Colouring Outside the Lines Part 1 – Ditch the Boring Bag, Colour Your School Bag with Texta

You know how everyone in school always has the same boring school bags as everyone else? Where’s the individuality?! This year, we’re all about standing out and ditching the same old boring stuff everyone else is doing.

Why not join us and customise your school bag with your very own creative skills and Texta? Stand out with your own designs and colours doing the talking for you.

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11 Apr

Look cute and customise your clothes!

The latest fashion trend has DIYers coming up with some wildly amaaaaazing ways to upgrade their wardrobe. Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see some v-inventive outfits designed with markers. With a few Texta markers, you can look cute and customise your summer clothes and accessories in a majorly cheap way.

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3 Feb

Colour Crazy – Taking Colours to the Next Level!

Get some colour in your life! Actually… get some colour in every single aspect of your life!

Your life is your canvas to make a colourful (beautiful) mess of! So adding some colour to your life and environment will fully bring out your personality, your creative side and, most importantly, your awesomeness.
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1 Feb

Hey! Who says doodling is a waste of time?

We’re all guilty of a little doodling here and there. For years we’ve been made to feel guilty about the habit and made to think it’s distracting and not doing the task you’re supposed to be doing! But maybe doodling is better than we thought…

Random science dudes have now decided that those random scribbles may actually HELP exercise your brain and improve focus! Now tell THAT to your teacher next time you’re in trouble for having a harmless scribble.

The focus comes from the movement of the pen on paper, which helps you to focus a lot better on what is being said around you. While drawing random symbols here and there, you’re actually slowing down your mind and paying attention to the present moment you’re in.

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9 Jan

Top 10 Must-Haves for Back To School Season

It’s nearly time for back to school (ugh) but after you start losing track of what day it is, maybe it’s just as well. It means you get to get away from the parentals, see your besties again on the regular and as a bonus – maybe even learn some new stuff during class!

What better way to kick off the new school year than with brand new swag?

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3 Jan

Say What?! Colouring in is making a big comeback!

Think colouring is just for kids? Think again! Colouring in is back… and in a BIG way! If you haven’t tried it yet, you totally should!

School got ya stressed? Colour it away with Texta! Colouring is kinda like meditation – it relaxes you, helps you focus and flexes your creative juices. Kind of handy, if like the 99.9% of us who can’t draw, your drawing talents haven’t really progressed since the age of 4.

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