23 Apr

Colouring Outside the Lines Part 1 – Ditch the Boring Bag, Colour Your School Bag with Texta

You know how everyone in school always has the same boring school bags as everyone else? Where’s the individuality?! This year, we’re all about standing out and ditching the same old boring stuff everyone else is doing.

Why not join us and customise your school bag with your very own creative skills and Texta? Stand out with your own designs and colours doing the talking for you.

What You’ll Need:

First things first, to customise your own school bag, you’re gonna need a school bag! Go for a bag that’s mostly one colour and a light enough shade for your designs to be seen.

Then choose your Texta products to work your magic with. You can also use fabric paint, glitter glue, rhinestones, or anything else you can find that will stick to a bag!

Getting ready:

You don’t want your bag to look like you just got bored in class and started doodling; so you need to plan! Look for some sweet inspo online or think about designs you like whether they’re flowers, patterns, shapes or just colour!

Try practicing on scrap paper first to get the creative juices flowing and the look just right.

Doing the deed:

Firstly, you should lightly sketch the design onto the bag in pencil in case of stuff ups (let your rubber save the day)! Then, when you’re happy with it, trace over the lines with a permanent black-coloured Texta marker to make the drawing crisp and super sharp.

Now for the fun! Colour in the design with coloured Texta pens and watch your genius creative mind come to live right in front of your eyes!

So why not make 2017 the school year you decide to have fun and stand out? Using Texta and your own designs will have everyone asking where you got the awesome bag from!