25 Jan

Colouring Outside the Lines Part 2 – use Texta to Decorate Your Room And Mum Will Never Guess

Texta markers aren’t just for colouring, doodling or studying; Texta markers are great for getting creative and designing a unique space! While we don’t all have the ability to have a pro makeover on our bedrooms, we can definitely do an awesome deco job ourselves with markers!


You can never have too many pillows and cushions to chill out with. Design your own by colouring them in, drawing intricate patterns or designs or covering them with geometric shapes!

For these awesome watercolour pillows, grab a few white pillows, a variety of colourful texta markers, rubbing alcohol, and cotton swabs. Draw polka dots, lines, or feathers on the pillow in a continuous pattern with different coloured hues. Next, grab the cotton swab and soak it in the rubbing alcohol and dab it onto your designs. Dragging the swab over the designs like a paintbrush will make the colours blend for a cool watercolour effect!

Toss the pillows in the dryer to set the paint and you’re good to go!

Custom Wallpaper
Much cheaper and easier than buying wallpaper, design your own with metallic Texta markers, a ruler, a level, and a solid-coloured wall (or a piece of paper for first practice!).

In pencil, draw straight vertical lines approximately 6 inches apart, making multiple columns. Trace each line over with the Texta marker of your choice. Mark every other line as it reaches the ceiling. Then, measure approximately 6 inches down on each line you skipped and mark it. Now, connect the dots in pencil! Use your level to ensure your design is straight and trace the zig-zag with your Texta marker. Continue to measure and connect dots until your wall is completed.

Whimsical Lampshades

Change a plain, boring lampshades into your very own masterpiece! All you need is a pair of scissors, tape, a solid-coloured lampshade, and a black Texta marker.

Find a cool black and white pattern online and print it out. Cut the paper to properly fit your lampshade and tape it securely on the inside of it so the printed side faces out. Now, take your Texta marker and trace the pattern on the outside of the shade. It’s that easy, and now you have a lampshade with a gorgeous design.

Wanna add some colour? Check out the rest of our range for some bright colours to add to your DIY jobs!

For the coolest room ever, try Texta markers for your choice of awesome designs, colours and patterns on anything and everything around your chill out zone!