1 Feb

Hey! Who says doodling is a waste of time?

We’re all guilty of a little doodling here and there. For years we’ve been made to feel guilty about the habit and made to think it’s distracting and not doing the task you’re supposed to be doing! But maybe doodling is better than we thought…

Random science dudes have now decided that those random scribbles may actually HELP exercise your brain and improve focus! Now tell THAT to your teacher next time you’re in trouble for having a harmless scribble.

The focus comes from the movement of the pen on paper, which helps you to focus a lot better on what is being said around you. While drawing random symbols here and there, you’re actually slowing down your mind and paying attention to the present moment you’re in.

And who has ever fallen asleep while doodling? We’ve all been close to or have actually fallen asleep during a class or lecture, but when you’re doodling your brain is active and taking in the surroundings and information around you.

Think of it this way: compare one class you had in which you were doodling away to a class in which you weren’t doodling. From which class do you remember more information? We’re pretty sure it’ll be the one that involved some scribbles!

So there you have it, those doodles you get roused on for are actually totally beneficial. Make sure you share the facts next time you face the trouble: doodling improves focus, creativity and your presence. Take that Mr. Smith from English class!