5 May

Make Your Mum’s Mother’s Day!

We all want to make our mums feel special on Mother’s Day. Now, we know all about the deal with candles and breakfast in bed – but we here believe that the humble homemade card needs to be brought back.

There’s no better way to really express just how much you love, appreciate and want to thank your Mum for being the wonderful lady she is. Putting pen to paper is more meaningful and shows you’ve really put the time in.

So, feel the pressure yet?

Relax! We’ve totally got you covered with some ideas so you can show Mum who their favourite child is (that’s you, by the way). First thing you need to do is grab some paper or cardboard to form the card – we think you can manage that!

We’ve put together this little quiz to see which card idea is right for your mum (have we got your back or what?):

Is your mum:

  • The ‘Dad joke’ maker in the family?
  • Big on the laughs?
  • A fan of adorable animals? (Trick question – who isn’t?)

Your card is… Perfectly Punny!

The punny one is the one for you – perfectly punny in every way!

The best way to do this card design is to figure out your most hilarious pun one-liner and build up your masterpiece around that! We used our magenta Laser Colouring Marker to write ours, and a yellow Bullet Highlighter to make it pop!

To give it a little somethin’ special and if you’re feeling confident with your drawing skills – draw a little cute animal accompaniment to your puntastic sentiment.

Other suggestions are: “There’s no Otter like you”, “Ewe are my favourite” and “I Whale always love you!”.

Make sure you fill the inside with lots of puns too. We expect no less.

Is your mum:

  • Not one to mince words?
  • Someone who doesn’t take any funny business?
  • 100% dependable, no matter what?

Your card is… Straight to the Point!

This one tells your Mum what you’re probably already telling her every day (if you aren’t, you should be). But it doesn’t hurt to have it writing.

Best part of this style of card is that it’s mostly based around the text.

Grab your favourite black marker (we used the Laser Colouring Marker here but our Texta Permanent Marker does the trick here too!) and write it out confidently in the centre. Then embellish it to make it super attention-grabbing! We used our Highlighters but our Metallic Markers would add some fab sparkle.

Other similar sentiments include “I know I’m the best child” and “You’re my favourite parent” which will cause no family dramas whatsoever!

Is your mum:

  • A lover of all things pretty?
  • The first to suggest a trip outdoors?
  • Always found shopping at the local markets?

Your card is… Festively Floral!

You just want to say ‘thank you’ to the best mum ever. But who wants to do it like everyone else?

Make your card as beautiful as your mum is by starting with the text first in the centre as a focus. Try practicing your best handwriting on some scrap pieces of paper before you commit with the markers.

Then using our colourful Laser Colouring Markers, start drawing different kinds of flowers and leaves surrounding it! If you want to keep it from looking too chaotic, we suggest to stick to about three different colours.

Gift this with flowers, as is appropriate. She’ll keep this one for years to come, trust us.