3 Jan

Say What?! Colouring in is making a big comeback!

Think colouring is just for kids? Think again! Colouring in is back… and in a BIG way! If you haven’t tried it yet, you totally should!

School got ya stressed? Colour it away with Texta! Colouring is kinda like meditation – it relaxes you, helps you focus and flexes your creative juices. Kind of handy, if like the 99.9% of us who can’t draw, your drawing talents haven’t really progressed since the age of 4.


Ok so let’s get this colouring in started! You can grab a colouring in book from the shops (there are loads of cool ones out there right now) or just find a design you like online, print it off, grab some Textas and you’re good to go!

Once you’ve chosen your favourite/amazing/inspirational/super cool design it’s time to pick your colour scheme! Don’t be scared to go a little crazy here. We think – go bold, go bright or go home.

For our zebra-amazingness (check it below) we went with our Burst Fineliner Pens in bright pink, orange, yellow, red and blues to create a zebra rainbow.


We then mixed things up for our koala creation below using our Bullet Permanent Markers, Laser Colouring Markers and Metallic Markers. Now that’s one cool koala!


Now it’s your turn! School’s out – it’s time to bust out the Textas. Get together with your besties, crank the Biebs and get colouring. Try printing off the same design for each of you and then see how you come up with totally different designs and show their true colours (haha… see what we did there!).