28 Sep

Texta Metallic Markers

Texta Metallic Colouring Markers are perfect for drawing and colouring. Each marker features a loop that enables them to be added to the carabiner.


  • Water-based ink and smooth fibre tips for easy use
  • Long lasting ink supply
  • Colours include; Gold, Silver & Bronze
  • Available in;
    • Assorted packs of 3

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23 Mar

Texta Bullet Permanent Markers

Texta Permanent Markers are suitable for nearly all surfaces


  • Fibre tip and instant-drying ink
  • Non-Toxic and Low Odour
  • Ink is Xylene free and RoHS compliant
  • Colours include;
  • Available in;
    • Assorted Packs of 4
    • Assorted Packs of 8

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