20 May

Spruce up Your Study Space

Homework obviously sucks and procrastination is a curse. But with a desk space designed totally by you for you, you can really improve your set up and find it so much easier to get work done!

DIY Storage Space

We all have random boxes, jars and cans lying around from food, shoes, clothes etc. so save these useful items up and use them for other things! You can turn old shoeboxes, cereal boxes, cans and jars into useful desk storage space for stationery, books and random pieces of paper!

All you need to do is cover the items with paper or anything else you can draw on and tape it down really well. Then pull out your Texta markers and make them look totally rad with your own patterns, doodles and designs!

Decorate Your Walls

You know when you’re trying to do your homework and you just end up staring at the wall for hours? Use this for inspo! Use your Texta markers to write quotes to get you in the mood to work like “get it done!” or “life’s what you make it”. Or just draw doodles and patterns that are totally up your alley.

DIY Calendar

Knowing what’s going on during the school year is vital to getting through it! There are so many great ideas for DIY calendars that you really don’t need to go out and buy one! Design something on the computer, print it out, add some extra colour/flair with your Texta markers and keep it in a clipboard. Or completely start it from scratch using a ruler and your Texta markers!

Mood board

Mood boards are the ultimate desk accessory and so easy to do! Collect photos, clipping from mags/catalogues, cool tags from things you’ve bought, write your own quotes and draw your own drawings with Texta markers.

Once you’ve got a pile of things, start putting them all up on the wall! Or use a pin board or large photo frame!

It’s so easy to spruce up your study space and make it all about you! You’ll get your creative juices flowing and then they’ll always be flowing when you’re surrounded by your own creativity put to work!