3 Feb

Colour Crazy – Taking Colours to the Next Level!

Get some colour in your life! Actually… get some colour in every single aspect of your life!

Your life is your canvas to make a colourful (beautiful) mess of! So adding some colour to your life and environment will fully bring out your personality, your creative side and, most importantly, your awesomeness.

Colour Your Space!

We spend so much time in our bedrooms, so who wants just a boring bed, lamp and a desk?! Adding a touch of colour and awesomeness here and there can turn a bland bedroom into the coolest hangout spot on the block. Quotes, artwork, designs on sheets, furniture and bedroom décor; the colourful possibilities are endless! Grab some Texta markers and leave your mark in your bedroom with your own colourful designs to bring life to your bedroom.

Colour Yourself!

While everyone else sticks to the everyday hair colours they’re born with, colour yours! Instead of neutral shades of makeup, go for bold and bright hues in eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks etc.

The natural look has a time and place, but living bright and colourfully leaves an impression… an awesome impression!
Colour Your Clothes!

When you spend half your days in boring uniforms, why not make a statement with colour for the rest of the time! When there’s bold scarves, patterned shirts, bright pants and funky socks out there, who wants to look like everyone else all the time?!

DIY your clothes with Texta markers! Take some old clothes, or some 99c threads from the thrift shop and create your own designs with colours, patterns, quotes and doodles!

Colour Your HW!

School needs a bit of lightening up and we all know it! So go for the most fun stationery out there: colourful books, markers, pencil cases etc.! Then DIY your school stuff with markers, stickers and fun contact sheets! So when you’re bored in class, at least you’ll have some fun stuff to look at!

Living life is more fun with colours, patterns and drawings here and there! So lighten up your everyday life by getting creative and letting your personality pop! Be colourful, be awesome.