3 Apr

Create Your Own Easter Egg Designs with Texta!

It’s that time of year again where we have all the chocolate and none of the regrets!

To celebrate this delicious time of the year, we love to get decorative and design our own Easter eggs. 

First of all, you’re going to want to get some hard boiled eggs, duh. The kind that chickens lay, not the chocolate kind (those you can have later)!

Then grab your handy Textas and you’re ready to decorate!

But wait! You might want to get some practice scrap paper to doodle on while you figure out your ideas. For this project, we recommend going with our Metallic Markers or our Laser Colouring Markers! These have long lasting water-based ink so you can draw your little heart out without worrying about your Textas running out of juice.

We think colourful patterns are a great idea – think stripes and polka dots! You can also get fancy with some typography (writing your gift recipient’s name?) or drawing a picture on your egg as well – it’s all up to you.

When you start doing the deed, begin work on a small part of your design, then allow to dry while working in parts. Careful not to touch any still drying ink or you’ll be headed straight for Smudgesville. Having something like a paper towel nearby will let give it a surface to lie on and also let you gently pat areas so they dry a bit faster.

When you’re all done with your masterpiece, allow to dry completely and you’re all finished!

How about some cute cards to go with those eggs too? Hop (pun intended) onto Pinterest for some sweet inspo to get the creative juices flowing! Think pastels and bunnies, as well as your all-important message.

Now after all that hard work, you can kick back and enjoy your chocolate responsibly.


Have a Happy Easter!