11 Apr

Look cute and customise your clothes!

The latest fashion trend has DIYers coming up with some wildly amaaaaazing ways to upgrade their wardrobe. Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see some v-inventive outfits designed with markers. With a few Texta markers, you can look cute and customise your summer clothes and accessories in a majorly cheap way.

Tie-Dye T-Shirts and Tops

Save crazy money and own your style by transforming your own tees and tops. The designs work best on fabrics made of 100% cotton. Grab Texta permanent markers, rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, and cardboard.

  1. Place a piece of cardboard inside the top so it won’t bleed through.
  2. Take a Texta marker and make a dot about the size of a Q-tip.
  3. Using a different coloured marker, go around the dot to create a circle.
  4. Repeat the pattern using the first colour. The closer you put the dots, the cooler the effect.
  5. Complete with another circle of dots, using another colour.
  6. Spray the shirt with alcohol. The colours will blend to create a cool, artsy look.


Leopard Print Beach Tote
Update a boring old tote bag with a cool print! Use bright, summery colors to make your bag look brand new. You’ll need cardboard, duct tape, Texta markers, alcohol, and an eyedropper.

  1. Put cardboard inside the bag.
  2. Take a marker and form blotchy circles on the tote. Don’t worry about perfection—the more imperfect, the better.
  3. Take a different colored marker and draw swirly horseshoe-patterns around the circle.
  4. Continue covering the bag, until you have the look you want.
  5. Drip alcohol on each pattern to blur the lines and make it look like the real thing.


Striped Vans or Sneakers
Summer calls for new kicks. Rock a pair of custom vans with a stripey design. You can alternate the pattern with different colours! Pull out your old white Vans or sneakers and get started. Before you begin, make sure you have Texta assorted markers, newspaper, and spray fabric protector or water repellent.

  1. Remove the laces and stuff newspaper in the shoes. This stiffens the shoe, making it easier to draw on.
  2. Choose a color and draw a stripe down the left shoe. Make it as thin or thick as you want.
  3. Repeat with a different color. Continue to alternate, using as many colors as you wish until the front is complete.
  4. Next, work the sides using the same order as you used in the front.
  5. Finish the pattern in the back.
  6. Repeat pattern on the right shoe.
  7. Take outside and spray lightly with fabric protector.

You can use Texta quick-drying markers to upgrade your entire wardrobe. Colour your thrift store jewellery or give your old wallets and phone cases an update with a tribal design. The possibilities are awesomely endless!