9 Jan

Top 10 Must-Haves for Back To School Season

It’s nearly time for back to school (ugh) but after you start losing track of what day it is, maybe it’s just as well. It means you get to get away from the parentals, see your besties again on the regular and as a bonus – maybe even learn some new stuff during class!

What better way to kick off the new school year than with brand new swag?

Check out our picks:

1) Backpack

You’re going to be carrying this around every day so put some thought into this one! There are tons of designs so you’ll be able to find one as cool as you are, as well as big enough to fit in all your essentials and lunch box!

Make sure it sits comfortably on your shoulders and back as well.


2) Stationery

Duh! We’ve got you totally covered for all your writing, highlighting and colouring needs. Our Ballpoint and Click pens are perfect for writing your notes (or doodling while you’re tuning out your teachers in class – we won’t tell!) and our Bullet Highlighters come in seven awesome colours for ultimate colour co- ordination.

Do you always lose your pens? We got you here too, boo. All of our pens have a loop to put onto a carabiner to throw into your pencil case or clip onto your bag! Are we geniuses or what?!

Drop by Target and Big W to check us out in person or online: www.texta.com.au/products


3) Pencil Case

Give your stationery a home. Pens and pencils assemble!


4) Notebooks

Well you need to something to write on! Grab a few Texta markers and pens ,for all your class notes or for when inspiration and creativity strike out of the blue. You gotta write that stuff down or you’ll forget!


5) Diary/Planner

Get organised! Never forget to do your homework or assignments again by writing it all down in your planner. Remember: get the hard work out of the way first THEN you can treat yo’self with cat videos after!

6) Durable mobile phone case

You don’t want to be that guy with a shattered screen on your phone! It makes selfies and Snapchat way too hard. Don’t just get a case that looks cute, make sure it’s tough enough too!


7) Laptop/Tablet Case

Are you one of the cool kids that carries a laptop or tablet to school? Are you also a major klutz? Keep your tech scratch and crack free by doing the smart thing and getting a protective case for these too.

8) New shoes

If your toes are feeling squashed, it might be time to break in some new school shoes. Get ones that fit you perfectly with a little bit of room for movement. Sometimes schools have rules as to what kind of shoes you have to wear so check them out before you go shopping!

Don’t forget to show your gym shoes some love too! Try personalising them with Texta Metallic markers for that extra special touch.

9) Refillable water bottle

Keep your hydration game on lock by using a refillable water bottle. Remember that in summer, you need to top up those water levels even more!

10) Lunchbox

You have to have somewhere to stash all your food for recess and lunch, obviously. Have little snack boxes for goodies like biscuits and veggie sticks and keep your drinks and fruit cool in cooler bags!